GetEdgeucated provides the opportunity for students in your school district to get homework help in an exciting new way.


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Your school district will have a designated website which your students can visit at any time to request a tutor. After choosing from several professional designs, you can designate students from your school to volunteer as tutors, set availability hours, and select the subjects your school offers.


Our feature-packed chat page allows students to communicate with their tutor beyond text. Visitors can upload images of their work, attach a rough draft of a research paper, and send a picture of a problem they are working on with the Upload a File tool.
The intuitive Whiteboard allows students to draw out their work, which is especially convenient for math and science problems, including geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and chemistry.


GetEdgeucated makes it easy for tutors to assist their peers. With the Tutor Dashboard, your tutors can access incoming tutor requests, communicate with other tutors, chat one-on-one with students, view files your visitors have uploaded, open Whiteboard drawings, and change settings all from one convenient location.


GetEdgeucated is compatible with all smartphones and tablets. Students can request a tutor anywhere, anytime by visiting your district’s GetEdgeucated website from their device and get instant help on-the-go. Our Tutor Dashboard and iPhone applications also make it easy for tutors to respond to incoming requests straight from their smartphones. Tutors get instant push notifications when a student submits an incoming request, and can claim the request in just a few taps.


GetEdgeucated is free for your students! We work directly with school districts to provide an exceptional service that will fit in your district’s budget. Your students can use your GetEdgeucated service as often as they like. Since each session is anonymous, students will feel more confident asking for help and get the assistance they need to thrive in high school and in higher education.




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