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GetEdgeucated was founded in October 2013 at South Side High School in Rockville Centre, New York.
After running the site for the 2013-2014 school year, we surveyed students across grades 9-12 to gain some insight into our innovative tutoring platform.


Here's what we found:

Out of the 853 students who took our survey, 136 students reported using SSHS Tutoring at least once. In total, SSHS Tutoring received over 1,000 requests throughout the 2014-2015 school year.

SSHS Tutoring helped students, on average, score 7 points higher on their exams. 72% of students reported up to a 10 point increase after using SSHS Tutoring.

South Side High School's senior class was the grade who used SSHS Tutoring the most, with 28% of surveyed students using the site at least once. That's more than 1 in every 4 students!

Overall, the top five most requested subjects were American History, Geometry, Trigonometry/Calculus (tied), Physics and Biology.

Students who used SSHS Tutoring held a higher GPA, on average, than non-users. 39% of users had a 96-100 overall GPA, 23% of users had a 91-95 overall GPA, and 19% of users had a 86-90 overall GPA (overall GPA out of 100). SSHS Tutoring also proved to be helpful to students who greatly struggled: 16.3% of users held a weighted GPA of 85 or below.

66% of students who used SSHS Tutoring once returned for more help. About 1 in 4 students reported using SSHS Tutoring 5-10 times throughout the year!

In Post-Chat Survey data collected from students after chat sessions throughout the school year, SSHS Tutoring was consistently praised for the integrated Chat Tools, the ease in requesting a tutor, and promoting anonymity. These principles are the foundation of GetEdgeucated's platform today!

Statistics are from the SSHS Tutoring End-of-Year Survey, administered to South Side High School students from May 13, 2014 through June 6, 2014.

The founders of SSHS Tutoring (some of whom are also the founders of GetEdgeucated) visited the English classrooms of students grades 9-12 on various days to gather an accurate and complete representation of the student body. A total of 853 responses were collected.