Fulfilling National Honor Society tutoring requirements is no longer dreadful.


GetEdgeucated makes doing good both enjoyable and rewarding.


Watch the demo below to see how tutors can use our Tutor Dashboard to interact with students, all while remaining anonymous.

This demo uses our Tutor Dashboard, chat platform for tutors, and the Whiteboard feature. To learn more about the Tutor Dashboard, our Chat Tools, and other technology, click here.

The Tutor Dashboard is the one-stop shop that lets tutors effortlessly connect to students in need.

  • The two drop-down windows (shown in demo) allow tutors to switch from one tool to another - or access two tools at once - instantaneously.
    • The View Incoming Requests tool (shown in demo) pulls up a list of recent requests submitted by students, as well as the subject, teacher, and topic they need help with.
    • The Claim an Incoming Request tool (shown in demo) allows tutors to claim a request in just a few clicks. After claiming a request, the other registered tutors are notified about the status of the request.
    • If a student uploads a picture of a math problem or a draft of their English paper, the View File Uploads tool allows tutors to view and download uploaded files with just a click.
    • Similarly, if a student uses our Whiteboard canvas to draw a geometric figure or write out an equation, tutors can view their drawings by using the View Whiteboard Drawings tool (shown in demo).
    • Our newest addition to the suite of Chat Tools, MathType, breaks the barrier between calculator input and computer keyboard input. Tutors can access equations sent by students with the View MathType Submissions, as if they typed it into their calculator.
    • Tutors within your school can chat with each other right from the Tutor Dashboard by using the Chat with Tutors tool (coming soon).
    • If a tutor needs relief, the Transfer Your Current Chat tool makes it easy to let other tutors know that they're in need of assistance. Other registered tutors are notified about the request, and can easily claim and connect to the chat in a few simple steps.
    • If a school chooses to enable this included feature, tutors can sign up for "shifts" - times in which they agree to be available to tutor in specific subjects - by using the View & Schedule Upcoming Shifts tool in the Tutor Dashboard.
  • Our close integration with tawk.to offers a feature-rich chat platform that's intuitive for students and tutors alike. Once logged in, tutors can use the tawk.to tool (shown in demo) to view active chats, chat with students, view transcripts of past chats, and talk one-on-one with other tutors.
  • If tutors ever need help, our extensive support site for tutors can be easily accessed from the Tutor Dashboard. They can click the "Need help?" link at the top of the Tutor Dashboard to view FAQs and chat with GetEdgeucated Technical Support employees.